Wounds Review

The film Wounds is here to fill the month of October with its psychological-horror genre. The film by director Babak Anvari is played by Armie Hammer (Will), Dakota Johnson (Carrie), Zazie Beetz (Alicia), Karl Glusman (Jeffrey), Brad William Henke (Eric) and other supporting actors.

Tells the story of a bartender named Will who one night found a cellphone left in a bar where he worked. The cellphone is believed to belong to one of the teenagers who visited the bar who was forced to go home due to a commotion in the bar.

When he got home, Will received a surprising message because the sender of the message asked him for help. Then, Will answered him and told him that the cellphone was in his hands. The next day, Will’s lover (Carrie) makes an issue of the cell phone’s existence. But before long, someone sent a terrible picture message. Will tried to call the number who sent the message, but he seemed to receive a strange sound wave so he also became strange and hypnotized by the sound waves that ultimately led him to the next strange events.

This film is enough to give the feel of a tense horror supported by dark tones, insertion of disturbing elements that really disturb the mind, and tense sound effects.

But unfortunately, the storyline in this film is not very clear. These strange events are not explored to the maximum. The lack of explanation from the series of events gives a big question, with what actually happened in this film.

Likewise with the characters that are less coherent with each other as standing alone without making a clear contribution. As for some characters who only appear without impressions and seem confused with the intention of their appearance. This film actually has the potential to be great considering the tension atmosphere had been built since the beginning, it’s just that the plot that was built was less focused and solid so the story was not well developed.

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