“After” is a romantic drama directed by Jenny Gage, this is a feature debut, the film is adapted from an online novel by Anna Todd, she’s famous in Wattpad (an application for writing and reading novels online where all the writers are amateur or independent and quite adored by teenagers at all over the world today). This fictional story tells of Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) a girl who is smart and attractive but she is a spoiled child, with a single parent named Carol Young (Selma Blair) who is very protective and very fond of her child and Tessa is also told to have a boyfriend named Noah (Dylan Arnold) who is also good where they have been together since the age of five. You can go to 123 movies to watch this movie.

Tessa is told to enter the world of college and for the first time also she will stay away from her mother and boyfriend. Tessa’s loving mother is very worried about the fate of her child who will start living in a dormitory and living far from family. This can be seen when she’s taking Tessa into a dorm room on campus, Tessa’s roommate named Steph (Khadijah Red Thunder) has given a first impression that is lacking nice to Ms. Tessa, to the point that Tessa’s mother thought of asking her to move to another room, but Tessa convinced her mother that she would be fine here and would look after herself as best she could.

This 105-minute film will feel cheesy and cliché for the audience because the story and the plot will be easy to guess and understand, but this romance movie actually wants to bring a message to parents in understanding a teenager who is in the process of becoming an adult, and how to deliver it. It’s about good communication between parents and children. The chemistry between the two main characters is quite good and it lives throughout this film.

The love story in this film feels rather shallow because there are some things that are less explored so it tends to be monotonous and maybe if it’s explored, it will be added value to this film, such as the likes of the two main characters who both like literary novels where the film feels only as a patch, and the intimacy and emotion between Tessa and her mother was also less visible. Though this film intends to eliminate or reduce the negative stigma of adolescent life in the present.

Overall, the “After” film is aimed at parents and adolescents so they can understand the dilemmas and problems faced by adolescents during puberty and want to educate the audience so that they are not in a hurry to make a decision because it is in accordance with its title regarding the causes and consequences of a decision without calculation.